Mastering the Art of Tailored Jackets with Expert Fit Hacks

Mastering the Art of Tailored Jackets with Expert Fit Hacks

Being more than a piece of clothing, a tailored jacket is your fashion signature. But here is the thing – a jacket is only as good as its fit. Have you ever slipped into a tailored jacket that felt crafted just for you? That unmistakable sensation of fabric embracing your form and sculpting your silhouette with precision can be a game-changer.

This blog will share fit hacks that transform your jacket from a mere garment into a style manifesto.

Five Secrets to a Jacket That Fits Like Your Style Soulmate

When it comes to achieving a perfect fit, tackling those tricky issues can be overwhelming. Fret not, as the experts from the House of Tailors in Riyadh are here to simplify things. The following tips are the inside scoop on what gives a jacket a tailor-made touch.

Width of the Shoulder

The shoulder width is the foundation on which the entire fitting of your jacket depends. The top of your sleeves should extend just beyond your shoulders. A subtle bump appears if it is too narrow, signalling a need for more space. Contrarily, a noticeable dent suggests trimming the shoulder space a bit if it is too broad.

Width of the Sleeves

Irrespective of the classic or slim fit, the upper part of your sleeves acts as an arbiter of your movement flexibility. Strive for a style that gracefully traces your arms while maintaining ample room for unrestricted motion.

Length of the Sleeves

It is necessary to ensure that your jacket’s sleeve length complements the sleeves of your dress shirt. Ensure the dress shirt cuffs extend just past the wrist bone when the arms rest at your sides with the cuffs buttoned.

Align the jacket sleeve edge precisely on the wrist bone, revealing 0.25"- 0.5" of dress shirt cuffs. Displaying less shirt cuff leans towards a conservative aesthetic while revealing more exudes a contemporary flair.

Width of the Chest and Midsection

Ensure your jacket drapes smoothly over the chest to the midsection without folds. Allow ample chest space for the lapels to sit flat. If the lapels pull away, it is too tight. Check for tension in the upper back and underarms; if present, adjust the width for comfort.

The midsection should create a clean taper over the stomach and hips. If it is too snug, you will see tension lines around buttons when fastened. Adjust to eliminate horizontal wrinkles on the lower back.

Length of the Center Back

When your arms are resting sideways, your jacket should hit the bottom of your seat at the back and the zipper area at the front. This is more of a general guideline. The perfect fit comes down to your preferences and the vibe you desire. Going shorter gives off a trendy appeal while opting for a longer length imparts a classic look.

The Final Words

The significance of a perfect fit cannot be overstated. It is an unspoken language that communicates your attention to detail and commitment to cultivating a refined image. At House of Tailors, Dubai, we go the extra mile to ensure a flawless fitting that manifests your style preferences into wearable sophistication.