Tailor-made Tuxedos and Formal Ensembles

Formal occasions demand an outfit that speaks volumes of your personality and aura.

From professional meetings to special occasions, looking your best for the events that call for formal clothing is essential. A bespoke tuxedo is the ultimate sartorial choice for such significant occasions. Besides, it is vital to ensure that your ensemble will fit your body like a second skin and be ready to wear in the nick of time.

At House of Tailors, we craft tuxedo for men that exemplifies unsurpassed grace and artisanal excellence. All the garments are nothing short of perfection to honour the glory you bring to the table. We instil intricate craftsman flair into every tuxedo suit to create unforgettable looks that reflect your personal style.


Witness the Magic of Faultless and High-Precision Fittings

The artistic legacy of House of Tailors intertwines with an unwavering commitment to creating tuxedo suits for men with unimpeachable fittings and the most refined comfort. Our experienced tailors take your measurements with unmatchable accuracy for tuxedos that become a mark of your charismatic presence. From wedding tuxedos to classic ones, our professionals incorporate ornate detailing minus imperfections.


Hassle-Less Service with Optimal Outfit Personalization

At House of Tailors, we offer virtual and in-store consultations to understand the specific style references or fashion choices. Once the outfit measurements and aesthetics are finalised, we will take around a week to deliver your dream suit. During the process, you will have the complete creative liberty to get your outfit designed as per your penchants.

An Assortment of World-Class Fabrics for Customized Tuxedos

Whether you need a tuxedo suit for a wedding or official gathering, the suit's fabric determines its allure. The House of Tailors' premium collection of luxury fabrics is handpicked from across the globe to infuse regal panache into your ensemble. We use Barathea fabrics to make an elegant black tuxedo suit for personifying formalness at its peak. Likewise, a combination of wool and silk is considered for curating a blue tuxedo. You can also go the extra mile and opt for a white tuxedo to celebrate the cherishable times of life in style.