Personalized Occasion Suits to Cherish Your Fashion Taste

Occasion suits are an embodiment of sheer feminity and joy that impart a cheerful life and dainty flair into the atmosphere.

An occasion suit would be your sartorial companion for gracing the special moments of your life with unmatchable beauty. They are ideal for the times when looking best is an absolute necessity. From workplace events to formal revelries, the women's occasion suit is all you need to mesmerize everyone around you!

We know that a woman brings a lot to the table! Hence, outfits made specifically to adore your distinct persona are vital for those dreamlike moments. At House of Tailors, we craft avant-garde outfits tailored to bring a dash of swankiness and elegance to your look. Our occasion suits for women epitomize the enduring essence of feminity!


Customized Designs with Enviable Fittings

Our artisanal touch transforms every outfit into an art piece, from classic to contemporary designs. We have a keen eye for detailing, covering every aspect of your personal style. The House of Tailors’ specialists take precise measurements to make ensembles that complement and sculpt your physique, irrespective of the shape. We provide you complete freedom to design your bridal or special occasion suit.

Premium Fabrics

Our luxurious fabric assortment flaunts the top-notch sustainable materials. We use premium blends of wool, silk, and linens to infuse comfort, texture, and sheen into your outfit.


Convenient and Quick Service

The House of Tailor offers virtual and in-store consultation sessions to understand your visualization of the suit. Subsequently, the design, cuts, fabric, pattern, and finishes are decided to hand-spun your fashion ecstasy. We usually take around 2 weeks to deliver your customized suit.

The Effortless Alterations

From waist alterations to rectifying any imperfections in your suit, the artisans at House of Tailors are always happy to facilitate your garment requirements.