What Colour Suit is Best for a Wedding?

What Colour Suit is Best for a Wedding?

Wedding season is back, and a common query we receive is about the best suit color for weddings. The ideal choice varies with the season, wedding location/theme, and your skin tone.

Spring Weddings: Perfect Suit Choices

At spring weddings, where dress codes range from formal to semi-formal, choose your suit to complement the event's style. For those with olive or dark skin, a light grey or blue two-piece suit made of luxury four seasons wool strikes a balance between formal and relaxed. This fabric choice keeps you comfortable in varied temperatures. If you have a lighter skin tone, a darker grey suit is preferable to prevent looking pale.

Summer Wedding Suit Trends

Summer weddings often embrace casual styles like unstructured jackets and linen suits, with cotton-blend and mohair being popular fabric choices. Navy and grey are common, but lighter shades like cream, stone, and pale blue especially suit medium or dark skin tones. Consider a beige two-piece suit paired with a white shirt and suede loafers for a distinctive look.

Autumn Wedding Attire

Autumn weddings, often marked by black tie codes, are the time for black or midnight blue dinner suits. In the absence of a specific dress code, opt for a classic navy or grey suit, suitable for all skin tones. Alternatively, match the season’s palette with dark brown or green. Choose a standard four seasons wool, or for colder weather, consider tweed or mid-weight flannels.

Winter Wedding Suit Selection

Winter weddings usually call for darker shades like charcoal and navy, and heavier fabrics. Those with darker complexions fearing these hues might not suit them can opt for a mid-grey suit, which works well in winter settings. Three-piece suits offer extra warmth, and fabrics like tweed and flannel add both warmth and texture.

Consider your skin tone! Certain colors will complement you better than others. For example, cooler tones like blue and grey work well with fair skin, while warmer tones like brown and green flatter darker complexions.

Remember, the key is to choose a suit that makes you feel confident and comfortable. And if you're still unsure, consult a tailor or browse our bespoke suit service or ready-to-wear range online.