What to Consider While Wearing a Suit with a T-shirt?

What to Consider While Wearing a Suit with a T-shirt?

Combining a suit with a t-shirt may seem like a style only celebrities can pull off. However, this look can be a hit if balanced appropriately as per the occasion. Being a relaxed yet refreshing pairing, it can be the next generation of wardrobe staples. 

Back in the times, men suits matched with formal shirts conveyed an air of authority and success. Today, t-shirts are also becoming a viable option for those looking for a professional-looking but casual appearance. If you want to discover the sartorial appeal of suits minus the collared shirts, here is all you need to know.


The Basic Rules to Wear a T-shirt with a Suit


We all know how good it feels to slip into a comfortable t-shirt. But, you cannot toss an old one with a brand-new suit. The colour combinations, occasion, and styling significantly define the overall look. You must consider the following factors while wearing men's or women's suits with a t-shirt.

Weather: In particular, summers call for casual wardrobes, and nothing can play the part better than lightweight t-shirts. Since it is the season of vacation, you can flaunt an easy-going and comfy look by pairing your favourite t-shirt with suits for men. Also, the t-shirt appears more natural and keeps you stress-free as the temperate swelters. 

Opt for Separates: Matching a complete suit set with a t-shirt can be challenging. To keep the look more effortless, consider donning separates. Likewise, a blazer or a suit jacket teamed up with trousers gel with the t-shirt's aesthetics, making the attire less stuffy.  It exudes leisure vibes, allowing you to flaunt the combination in varied casual settings with a hint of formalness. You can wear a t-shirt with separates on casual Fridays at the workplace, family celebrations, date nights, brunches, and dinners. 


Which diverse t-shirt styles can be teamed up with a suit?


Though most t-shirt styles go well with the suit, choosing the ideal pick depends on the look you desire and the setting too. Usually, the difference lies in the neckline of the t-shirts and their fitting on your silhouette. These are the most preferred t-shirt styles which you can invest in:

V-neck: The neckline cuts resemble the "V" shape, which is generally deeper and lower than other cuts. It is a subtly revealing style that radiates informal vibes and is more suited for casual settings only. 

Henley: The Henley shirt comprises buttons at the neck, replicating the V-neck style when left unbuttoned for a laid-back appeal. 

Crew Neck: It has a classic rounded neckline, offering an excellent overage appropriate for conservative, formal atmospheres. 

Polo T-shirt: A polo t-shirt consists of a collar, but its material is similar to other t-shirts. It appears more chic and professional than any average-looking t-shirt. 

Colour Combinations that Complement the Suit and T-shirt Pairing

Regarding colour combinations for suits, the most popular shades are black, brown, navy blue and grey. These colours go well with most shirts because they are neutral tones while still being fashionable. Remember to keep the t-shirt in soothing, soft shades for contrasting and well-balanced attire. The following are the most popular combination to try out:

Black and Grey: The contrast between these colours is what makes them stand out. They make a bold statement but can still be worn with other colours, such as white. 

Brown and Beige: These two colours have a similar tone but do not clash with each other. They go great with light-coloured t-shirts.

Black and White: These two evergreen colours have a neutral tone that can match any shirt or pants you may want to wear with them.


The Final Words

The amalgamation of a suit and a t-shirt can appear as amazing as it sounds. All you need to do is focus on which style suits your personality, pick the right colour combination, and try separates. You can wear a wristwatch and patent shoes for a dapper presence, as they give the impression of sleeker aesthetics.